I’ve had to introduce myself many times in life (as I’m sure you have as well), but I can still never get over the awkwardness of introductions. They always seem so polished…so fake. So I’ve vowed off introductions and decided to get straight to the point. And “what is the point?”, you may ask. The point of this blog is to change the idea of beauty into what it was originally meant to be. The point is to encourage girls and women to leave behind the “truths” of this culture and cling instead to the ultimate Truth. The point is to challenge this generation to take a stand and use their lives to make a change. The point is to use the pain we’ve experienced to bring the hope we’ve received to a hopeless world. The point is to stop being fake and start being real. Real is what this world wants, and what this world needs.


One thought on “Welcome!

  1. Alexis,
    Your growth is precious and I have loved you from the beginning of my journey of prayer overyou–
    Know that you are loved by many unnamed women of God who stand before Him on your behalf. Your honesty is refreshing–I rejoice before the Lord on your behalf !!

    Praying for you as always,
    just a mother,
    Rose Ann

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