The 180 Challenge

It all started with a question. 

“Can I really do anything that will make an impact?”

Sure, we hear about how “one person can change the world”, but come on- is that really possible? As I look at the number of people on this planet today (about 6.776 billion…but who’s counting?), my life seems so small and insignificant. How can I-one 19 year old girl in Corpus Christi, Texas- make an impact for change?

The question was asked, and the Challenge was born. 

180: 1 Change. 80 Days. Total Transformation. 

The Question: Can one really make a difference? 

The Challenge: Every day, for 80 days, make one positive change addressing the concept of beauty. 

The Goal: Change the way we see beauty, live beauty, and define beauty.

The Answer: To be decided. 


One of the hardest things about overcoming an eating disorder (or negative body image) is the broad scope of the problem; there is a lot that needs changing, and the idea tends to overwhelm more than inspire. Yes, there is a lot to change, but you don’t have to tackle it all at once. One tiny change can lead to one huge transformation. 

Starting tomorrow (August 10) I will change one thing every day for 80 days. You can take part in this journey with me or just read the play-by-play as I go along. Can the way we see beauty be changed in 80 short days? 

Come see me in 80 days and we’ll find out. 


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