Day One: The Recap

It’s been one of those days. 

Have you ever looked in the mirror, determined to see the positive, and only come up with a handful of negative muck? Yeah, me too. Today was a muck day. I think I woke up with the impression that it was going to be easy to cut these two words out of my life. So not the case. The words were there beneath the surface, even if I didn’t give them a voice. I have to admit- I got a little frustrated. “How am I supposed to do this when I am assaulted with what looks like truth?!” Believe me, I argued with God a lot about this one. 

Here’s what I learned: About halfway through the day, I almost broke. I almost said the off-limit words. But then I was reminded of the truth, the truth that surpassed any image that seemed-in my mind- unappealing

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” (Psalm 139:14)

Fat and ugly have been replaced with fearfully and wonderfully. The “mess” we see in the mirror is really a “masterpiece” that we need to look at with new eyes. To be honest, I have never found comfort in this verse. I found it too overused. But God spoke truth to me through this verse today, so I cling to it like I once clung to the image in my mirror. It is the “mirror” I looked into throughout the day. It redirected me to the truth. 

I am not beautiful because my appearance causes people to stop in awe. I am not beautiful because of anything on the outside that I strive to perfect. I am beautiful because the One who made me took the time to make me fearfully and wonderfully. In His awesome wonder, He created me. He paid attention to every detail, and every time I look at the image in the mirror and criticize it, I am saying He did not do a good enough job. “Ugly” is not a criticism of me; it is a criticism of the One who made me. 

So as I end the day looking once again into that mirror, I remember that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. When the thoughts come (and they will come), challenge them with truth and don’t let the lies leave your lips. I found that the more I restrained myself from speaking them, the easier it got to discredit them. 

If you joined me in shortening your dictionary today, feel free to share. How were you able to overcome “ugly” and “fat” today?


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