Day Two Recap: About Life Without Make-up

I’ll be honest- I considered deleting Day Two’s post this morning as I was getting ready for work. “Surely,” I thought. “I don’t have to do something this extreme to walk out this change.” 

Oh yes, I did. 

Want to know what I found out today? It’s really not about the make-up. I wasn’t stressed about not wearing the make-up; I was stressed that people wouldn’t notice me without it. Like they would pass by me and not even see me. Or look at me and not even give me a second thought. But what I found out today perplexed me: no one treated me any different than usual. 

Sure, no one stopped what they were doing and said “WOW! She’s BEAUTIFUL!” No one came up to me and named me America’s Next Top Model. But then again- that doesn’t happen to me when I do adorn the mask, so why should I be worried about it? I shouldn’t, and I didn’t. 

People were still nice to me. No one treated me any differently. No one made any comments about my “new” face. Maybe because it wasn’t so new to them. Maybe they could see me all along. Maybe it was just me that needed to step out of my comforts and realize that life without make-up really isn’t all that bad. In fact, it made me realize that sometimes we are the only ones that notice when we don’t meet our own definitions of beauty. 

Does this mean I am going to stop wearing make-up? No. But it does mean that I know it doesn’t define me. The only thing it defines is the definition of what I think it means to be beautiful. And frankly, I think it’s time that I change that definition. 



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