Day Ten Recap: To Recycle or not to recycle?

My bookcase is officially Ed free. If I invited you over tonight and let you look through my books, I would not be ashamed of what you will find. There are no more secrets lurking in the books. I no longer own a couple hundred pages of triggering information. I no longer let stories of eating disorders sit there on my shelf, waiting for my one vulnerable moment. 

Nope. The closest thing to vulnerable those things are going to get is the exposed contents of the trash! Ok-more like the recycle bin (I’m trying to be a little more Earth friendly here!). Yes, I feel guilty for throwing away (aka recycling) books, but this is something that I have to do. I don’t know if I could live with myself if I just gave them away. How would that look? “Here ya go. You can have these books. They didn’t help me; they actually made me worse. But maybe you’ll have better luck!” 

Yeah…I don’t think so. Call me the book hater for today, but those babies are not being redistributed. 

It’s not like they are bad. I don’t have anything against the authors. What I am against, however, is my experience reading them (and the experience of many others). Yes- some of those books were extremely well-written (which would be why I held onto them-I’m a sucker for interesting prose). And yes- some of those books showed me that I am not alone. But many of them also gave me ideas. They taught me things I might have never learned. They “inspired” me to dig deeper into Ed. 

So now they are in the bin. I’ll let them live free from the confines of my bookshelf so I can live free as well. 

It’s really a win-win situation…don’t ya think?


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