Day Twenty: Do the Thing You’re Afraid Of

Have you ever let fear control your life? Have you let the unknown paralyze you from living in the moment? Have you opted to stay in the boat instead of taking the chance to walk on the water? 

I have to admit, I’m a stay-under-the-deck kind of girl. 

When the horizon shows even a chance of the storm, I run for cover. When I walk out onto the deck and gaze upon the unfamiliar surroundings, I long to go back to my home. I like to be comfortable and safe. So I settle. I settle for the things I know bring little joy so I don’t have to experience the unknown. I stay on the shore, knowing that adventure lies in the sea, but not caring to get my feet wet in the murky waters. I have put on the life jacket many times and stood on the water’s shore, but I always seem to back out of what I set out to do. 

Yes, I have let fear take over my life. 

I am an avoider. I don’t like new situations. I don’t like putting myself out there. And I have an intense fear of being around people. 

Yet, it is so necessary for functioning in this thing called life. 

So today I am doing the unexpected: I’m going into the water. I am making myself go out there and meet new people. I am making myself go out there and spend time with the people I already know. No life jacket this time. Nothing on which to fall back. Just me, the water, and my fear. Just me, casting all of my worries and thoughts onto the one who can hold them. Just me and Jesus. 

Beauty is about taking chances. Beauty is about living free of the fears that hold us back. Beauty is about embracing who you are enough to go out and meet somebody new. 

Verse: “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:7)


2 thoughts on “Day Twenty: Do the Thing You’re Afraid Of

  1. I’m so glad you’re facing your fears. Fear has been my enemy for many years of my life, but I’m finding that as I step out into the unknown God is always there and living free is an awesome way to live.

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