Day Twenty Three: Sit Through the Feeling

If you have ever had an eating disorder and seen any sort of professional for help, you have heard this statement: 

“Fat is not a feeling.”

How true- and yet- how wrong. 

Fat is indeed not an emotion. It does not fall into the list of sad, angry, happy. It does not have a place on the Emotions magnet. It is not an emotion in that fat never enters the heart. Your heart will feel sorrow, but your heart will never feel fat. 

Fat is, however, a feeling. It is a feeling in that there is a certain uncomfortableness in being larger than you hope. It is a feeling in that you physically “feel” fat. You can feel the weight that should not be there. You can feel the  extra pounds in your gut (even if they really aren’t there). You feel uncomfortable, so you conclude that you are fat. The physical feeling of uncomfortableness is why so many of us say we “feel fat”. 

Because we do- in the physical sense. 

And what do we do when we “feel” fat? We typically run from the feeling. We drown ourselves in our work, hoping to seek some reprieve from the constant reminder in our stomachs. We start watching what we eat to the point of obsession. We fill the perceived emotion with food and then empty it with- well, you know. We stay at the gym longer than we should to “control” the feeling in our stomachs. We do everything imaginable but sit in it. 

Sitting in the feeling is not about emotions. Fat is not an emotion, but it can be a physical feeling. It can be the driving factor of your behavior. It can be the drive behind the addiction. Feeling fat has a way of controlling your life. 

So today sit in the feeling. It’s uncomfortable, yes. It’s challenging, yes. But it is one step closer to freedom. 

Today beauty is not about the outside. It’s not even about the inside. Beauty is about coping with what you’ve got and not running from it. Beauty is sitting through the “I feel fat” moment. 

And doing absolutely nothing about it. 

Verse:  “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.” (Philippians 4:13)


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