Day Twenty-Six: The Two Fold Magazine Challenge

Before you start reading the challenge, watch this video: 

The Media Game

Ok, did you watch it? Good. Today’s challenge is drastic. It will be life-changing if you continue with it. It may even compel you to speak out against our lovely “friend” called the media. 

The Challenge? Throw out the fashion magazines and refuse to buy anymore. 

Seventeen? Out. Cosmo? Out. Vogue? Out. 

Every magazine that glorifies unrealistic images- throw them all out. As long as you keep these magazines, you are still buying into the false definition of beauty. The longer you sit staring at the picture of a “gorgeous” model, the longer you will remain in bondage to these unrealistic and destructive ideals. 

Do you know what most teenage girls use these pictures for? A little thing called “thinspiration”. They cut out the pictures and glorify them. They determine that they will look like these models, and down the pit they go. They restrict. They lose weight when there was none to lose. They workout until the point of death (for some of them) until they look “perfect”. The images are glorified. The behavior is modified. And the life is crucified. 

The lives of girls are bound to these images, and the magazines and images become the “cross” used to inflict torture. It stamps out all truth. It glorifies death and destruction. It changes the course of so many lives. 

For my freshman English course earlier this year, I wrote a paper on the media’s effect on women. During my research, I came across numerous interviews with fashion designers and magazine editors. In every interview, they were asked if they think the current concept of beauty is unrealistic and destructive. Every one of them said yes. 

But get this- they refuse to change it. Why? Because in their own words, “it sells”. People are buying the image, and as long as people buy it, the magazines will not change it. Sad? Yes. Frustrating? Yes. Wrong? Oh yeah. But that is how the industry works. 

So it’s time to change the rules: no more buying magazines. It’s not an effort to hurt the industry; it’s an effort to redefine beauty. If women stop buying the magazines temporarily, the magazines will be forced to change. After all, they have to sell the product. Why not try to make the product something beneficial to the lives of women? 

Take the challenge to redefine beauty. Stop buying the magazines and spread the word. We have the power to change the definition of beauty- will you take it? 

Verse: “You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.” (1 John 4:4)


One thought on “Day Twenty-Six: The Two Fold Magazine Challenge

  1. That is awesome. I’ve refused to buy those magazines for years. I don’t see how a magazine can promote thinness when, at the same time, they promote healthy, healthy relationships, positive self esteem, and all that stuff!

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