Day Twenty Seven: A “No Plans” Day

Busy, busy, busy. 

Do you know people like this? They are constantly doing. They never take a breath because they have to “get things done”. They go by the list. They fill their time with activities. They volunteer. They go to school. They stay at work all hours of the night. They do anything and everything. 

Except face their own lives. 

Busyness can become an addiction in itself. It’s an escape from reality. It’s a way to run from the feelings, thoughts and concerns life brings. It’s a way to shut down and shut out. It’s a way to avoid facing the truth. 

I have always been amazed at true busy-bodies. They wake up hours before the crack of dawn, and by nine ‘o’ clock they already have half their “to do” list checked off. They run off the steam of an hour of sleep. They accomplish more in a day than the average person will in a week. They do, do, do. 

But they never face. They never rest. They never stop. 

They are the energizer bunnies running on Red Bull…but the energy won’t last forever. Pretty soon they will have to face reality. A tragedy may hit. The “to do” list may run out. Life may get too overwhelming to handle. 

Then what do they do? Where do they turn when the busyness runs out? Who do they go to when the worries and tragedies of life threaten to overtake them? 

Good question. I must start by asking myself. 

You see, I am somewhat of a busy-body. When life gets to hard, I want to make plans. When the emotions threaten to overwhelm, I look for “to do” lists, errands to run, people to see. Anything but face real life. Anything but face the truth. 

The truth has to be faced. I can’t run from it, and you can’t run from it. The truth is: life is messy, and sometimes people get hurt. Hearts get broken. Tragedies happen. Lives are lost. Running from those emotions, however, never fixes things. It only makes things worse down the road. 

Think about your “issues”. I had an eating disorder, but you may struggle with something else. Anger. Addiction. Depression. Whatever you struggle with, one thing remains the same: there is a reason you got there. There is a reason you walk around disappointed. There is a reason you can’t “snap out” of your depression. There was a reason I turned to my eating disorder. 

The reason is called life. 

The cause of all these issues? Running away. 

When you refuse to face the emotion, it doesn’t go away. It gets buried in your heart. It stays stuck in your mind. It waits for a moment to burst out-bigger and stronger than the original emotion. If you learned, you face the emotion. You take what it brings. You face the tragedy and find a way to get through it. 

But if you haven’t learned, you run again. You pray that it doesn’t follow you. It does, though. It stays with you until you choose to look it in the face and take life as it comes. 

You can’t run from life. Running only causes more problems. Running only brings more hurt. Running only leaves you deflated at the end of the race. 

I find Jesus’ life interesting. He never ran from His emotions. 


When His good friend Lazarus died, He “wept”. When the Pharisees frustrated Him to no end, Jesus told them how he felt. In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus faced the tide of emotions rolling through His heart. 

And He dealt with them. He let them out. He faced them. He gave them to God. 

When life gets difficult, don’t run. When things get too stressful, don’t make another “to do” list. The challenge for today is to practice facing. Don’t make a “to do” list today. Don’t fill your time with activities to avoid what really matters. If something is bothering you, face it. If something is clamoring inside your heart for attention, let it in. 

Follow Jesus’ example, and don’t run. Beauty is in the truth. There is nothing beautiful about an uptight, busy, serious woman. 

There is everything beautiful about a woman who welcomes life-the good and the bad- and faces it with the strength given her to overcome. 

Verse: “Be still, and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)


One thought on “Day Twenty Seven: A “No Plans” Day

  1. Hello Alexis,
    I work with your Grandmother L & I promised that I would read your “tobebeatiful” I’ m duly impressed with your daily inputs…well thought-out content & furthermore you make sense…your blog is easy to read…it’s not just CHATTER! How proud your Grandmother L is of you…she speaks of you daily at work.

    Each day I awake & I ask what will I be when I grow-up…I believe you already know…you will be a writer. Write to help save Gods children, stay in prayer and always love.
    God bless you,

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