Day Thirty-Nine: Know that You are Loved

What makes a little girl beautiful? To get to the true definition of beauty, we have to start off where we left: childhood. 

I am fascinated with the beauty of children. There is just something about them that shines. They don’t meet the “expectations” of the culture. They don’t always have perfect skin, perfect hair, or the perfect body; however, no one could deny that the face of a child is beautiful. 


I”m convinced it’s love. When a little girl knows that she is love, she exudes confidence and beauty. She’s comfortable in her own skin. In fact, she could not even imagine being someone else. She is true to herself because she knows that no matter what, there will always be someone who loves her. 

Have you ever seen a little girl who doesn’t believe she is loved? She’s the girl whose eyes are downcast. She’s the girl who stands at a distance. She’s the one who doesn’t believe that she is beautiful. 

To be loved is more than a gushy feeling; to be loved means to be beautiful. Love IS beautiful. It transforms. It builds up. It gives confidence to face life. When love is absent, beauty is absent. 

Christ’s love for us is what makes us beautiful; it’s what makes us shine. It is the transforming power that creates beauty…even when we don’t look like the pictures in the magazines. 

Most of us, though, don’t live as though we are loved. We don’t believe that a love like that exists. 

Let me tell you, it does exist. 

I used to think the same way you probably think now. I used to believe that no one loved me. They may have said it, but I didn’t believe it. The “love of Jesus” was preached at me time and time again, but I reacted with disdain. Yes, the idea sounded good. The concept was encouraging. But was it truth? 

I was not convinced. 

Yes, I knew God so loved the world. I knew that He sent His son to die in my place. But that wasn’t enough. I wanted to know that He loved me. I didn’t want to be one of many…I wanted to be the one. The one whom He loved. The one whom He saw. The one whom He sacrificed His son. 

I didn’t want the “whole world” kind of love; I just wanted to know that He loved me.

It took a long time, but here is what I found out: He loves me. Not because I am one of many, but because I am me. He made me. He sees me. He knows me by name. He sent His son to die for me, despite my past (in spite of my past, actually!). 

And He loves you. Not because you are included in the census of the world. Not because you just “happen” to be here. Not because He has to love you. 

He loves you because He made you, and He would love you if you were the only person walking this earth. 

That is truth. That is transforming. That is beautiful.

Today’s challenge is to search for truth. Search for love because without it, beauty is only a replica that will fade. True beauty is not physical perfection; it is knowing that you are completely and divinely loved by the One who created the world. 

Verse: “…May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.” (John 17:23)


2 thoughts on “Day Thirty-Nine: Know that You are Loved

  1. Hi =)
    I was wondering if you would let me post this blog entry in my blog? I found it very good and would like to share it in my blog.

    Thank you
    Your sister in Christ

  2. Hello dear blogger over there,

    let me tell you – I do not believe in Jesus.
    But I believe in G-d, and thanks G-d I do and I agree with you completely on that concept of beauty and it is amazing once you realise it.
    It transforms indeed and it simply gives energy. You might not need something else when you have it.
    I wonder how people live without.

    Best wishes for your life!
    (if you like, come and visit my blog entries 🙂 i think sometimes we will have things in common)

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