Day Forty: Look at Her Face

I learned a lesson this week. An important, life-altering lesson that will change the way I look at women from now on. 

I learned that even the youngest of us have a problem with “the once over”. 

As I walked down the halls of a local elementary school, I noticed that every girl I passed looked me up and down. Now, this usually would not be such a shock to me. I am a girl, after all. I know how we roll. 

But to start out so young? To “body check” in third grade? 

That’s just wrong. 

When the definition of beauty is so constricted that elementary school girls know to compare themselves to every living, breathing, walking female…the definition needs to change. Comparing is not only destructive; it’s demeaning. With our eyes we approve or condemn every girl we meet. 

You don’t even have to say anything; your eyes say it all. 

So today, why don’t we challenge ourselves to stop “body checking” (as girls who have been in treatment now know to call it)? Why don’t we learn about the person instead of judging the size of their hips? Why don’t we throw that definition of beauty to the wayside and instead accept every girl, no matter what she looks like? 

Today why don’t we look at someone’s face instead of their body? 

I promise, they will appreciate it more than you can even imagine; after all, no one wants to be executed by your eyes. 

Verse: “…The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” (1 Samuel 16:7)

True Pact #3 (from True Campaign): “Stop analyzing and critiquing other peoples’ physical appearance.”


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