Day Forty-Five: Stop Making Excuses

Have you ever noticed the tendency to excuse the way you look? When you meet a person under the not-so-ideal circumstances, do you say, “I know, I look horrible. I usually don’t…”

If you have never done this, you are my idea of Superwoman. I have the tendency to have this tendency all the time. 

This week I had to submit a photo for a devotion I wrote for the Proverbs 31 division, She Seeks. I started to attached the professional photoshopped image, but something just did not feel right. I felt like I was cheating. 

Maybe because my devotion was about being real

All of a sudden, I knew I could not submit that picture. Everything in me wanted to send it. “There will be people I don’t know reading this devotion…I have to look my best!” 

But looking my best at the expense of losing my message? 

Not ideal. 

So I did the unthinkable…I took a picture without make-up. 

Yes, for the world to see. 

I saw a million things wrong with that photo. Everything in me wanted to delete it and send in a “good” picture, one with make-up and perfection. I wanted to throw my idea out the window and pretend it never occurred to me. 

But I didn’t. I attached the photo and started typing. I typed and typed away, listing all the excuses I could think of for why my picture looked so “bad”. I apologized for my face. I justified the photo through my devotion. I said I wanted to be “real”…so sorry. 

And then I deleted. I realized that my excuses were not only unnecessary; they were wrong. Why should I make excuses for not wearing make-up? Why should I ever feel like I have to excuse the way I look? Why do I care about the opinion of women on the other side of the computer screen? 

I shouldn’t. I know that perfection is not where my beauty lies. I know that God created me without make-up, and I don’t need make-up to be seen as beautiful. I don’t need perfection. 

What I need is to be real. 

So I sent the image, imperfections and all. Despite my worries. Despite my fears. Despite my excuses. 

God doesn’t make excuses for His creation, so why should we? 

Verse: “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.” (Genesis 1:31)


One thought on “Day Forty-Five: Stop Making Excuses

  1. Wow! you are brave! I hardly ever wear makeup, but even when I do, I hate having my picture taken, because every time I see a pic of me, i hate it, and all I can think about is the faults in the pic, or how ugly I look! I make excuses all the time “Oh my hair wasn’t brushed, Arg, I wasn’t wearing makeup! oh that top looks awful, don’t pay attention to it” etc.
    So what you said is very true!
    Awesome post!

    Your sister in Christ

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