A Slow Burn… Anything But Slow

Hey ladies! I’m taking a break in my daily challenge to tell you about an AMAZING book that you must read. Don’t worry though, my challenge is not forgotten. I’m still doing it, but -instead of me telling you about it- you will get to read the  results tomorrow! For now, take a break from beauty and read about a newfound treasure on the bookshelves!

I first met Mary DeMuth through the world of cyberspace. We were a perfect pair right from the start. I, in desperate need for a lesson on how to write a nonfiction book proposal. She, full of knowledge and wisdom of all things publishing. For a small price, I had the chance to meet her through the 5o pages of her comprehensive tutorial. To put it simply: she saved my life. When I was in tears because I had no idea what a Market Analysis meant, she came along, made me laugh, and showed me that it was not only a real term, but it was also something that I am capable of doing. 

Without losing my mind. 

Her humor kept me going during those late nights of constant frustration, and her wisdom gave me the confidence I needed to walk into a meeting with scary publishing people and come out breathing. I’ve decided if my proposal gets accepted, I’m sending her a Texas-sized box of chocolates. Because, after all, who doesn’t like chocolate? 

The second time I met Mary, I sat in the back of the room while she paraded around the front. It was in that session at She Speaks that I realized Mary was one funny, down-to-earth girl. As the session ended and people flocked to the door to meet her, I considered actually meeting her. For real this time. But…I figured I was just another face in the crowd of awe-struck females, so I went my own way, leaving my Texas buddy behind. 

It was on the plane ride home that I met Mary once again. This time through the pages of her novel, Daisy Chain. I was dumbfounded; it was actually good. More than good, it was GREAT. I wanted to dance with excitement, for I had finally found an author that didn’t pretend Christians were plastic dollhouse people living plastic dollhouse lives! Thus the journey started. 

I am excited to tell you that the sequel to Daisy Chain is released TODAY. I am part of Mary’s Blog Tour, and – as a “crew member” – I strongly urge you to buy this book. I promise, A Slow Burn will be anything but a slow read! Here is the review I have posted on Amazon: 

“Sometimes when people string the words “Christian” and “fiction” together, I cringe. I have read too many books that use Jesus as a superficial band-aid, and that sticky residue has left its mark on my book-loving eyes. I have the tendency to blow off Christian fiction, claiming it is too…well, fake. 


Such is not the case with Mary DeMuth’s Defiance Texas Trilogy. In fact, the latest book in the series, A Slow Burn, rips all those artificial band-aids off and shows a gaping wound for the world to see. Real. Authentic. Genuine. 


This is real Christian fiction. 


Emory Chance is one worn-out, deflated, unbelieving woman. After the kidnapping and death of her only daughter Daisy, Emory is left with nothing but a house full of regrets and a town full of accusations. It’s not easy being Emory Chance in a town of “well-to-do” Christians, and no one seems to see the pain lingering beneath her granite exterior. 


No one, that is, except Hixon. 


Like a shadow on a wall, Hixon sticks by Emory, his love and support assaulting her with reminders of her past. A past that includes everything but love and acceptance. A past that drives her to addiction. A past that drives her into the arms of men for all the wrong reasons. A past that leads to the present troubles. 


 A past that so many of us can relate to in one way, shape, or form. 


A Slow Burn addresses the pain of life head-on, no band-aids necessary. Through the lives of DeMuth’s intricate characters, we see ourselves. Each character sits in the pain, yet they all come out with hope. Their troubles aren’t miraculously fixed. Their pasts aren’t wiped blank. They still have to face life. They still have to come to grips with reality. They still have to live. 


These characters, however, find redemption on the other side of their desperation. Emory’s daughter Daisy does not miraculously walk out of her coffin. The dead are not raised. The canvases of lives with past mistakes are not erased. 


But hope lives on. 


If you have ever experienced lost, read this book. If you have ever worried that your past would be your destruction, read this book. If you have ever felt worthless and without hope, read this book. If you have ever thought the chains of addiction would never break, read this book. 


If you are a human being, read this book. I promise, you won’t want to put it down When you get to the last page and your eyes focus on that last word, your view of Christian fiction will be much different. 


In fact, your view of life will be much different…despite all that pain. “

That is A Slow Burn in a nutshell. To find out more about the outstanding Mary DeMuth (my official “never met her or talked to her” friend), visit her website here. For additional reviews of A Slow Burn, go here. To buy this amazing books that will knock your socks off, veer your shopping cart in the direction of Amazon

You will be so happy you did. 





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