Day Fifty-Three: Accept the Imperfections

*If you came here today from my She Seeks devotional, welcome! I pray that God will show you this week the beauty in embracing imperfection. Feel free to leave a comment about the freedom of your own imperfections.*

I woke up this morning with a talking pimple on my face. I swear, I’ve never seen anything so big and ugly in my entire life. It’s in these instances that I want to sit down with God and ask, “Am I really still beautiful? Even with all these imperfections?”

The answer is yes; God’s definition of beauty has nothing to do with the state of your face. In His dictionary, beauty is all about the state of your heart. 

And on mornings like this, I can honestly say my heart needs some working on. 

Here’s the thing: when I see imperfection in myself, I am tempted to sit down in self-pity and sulk. And obsess. And worry. And attempt to “fix” all those imperfections. I want to hide away until I am miraculously “perfect” (which-by the way-will never happen in this life). I want to buy the $100 cream to cover up my blemishes. I’ll even admit, the idea of cosmetic surgery pops into my mind every once and a while. 

Imperfection scares me. And correct me if I am wrong, but I’m pretty sure it scares you too. I mean, just look at the sales in the cosmetic industry. Even in a downtrodden economy, we spend millions upon millions of dollars to fix these imperfections. We buy product after product and go on diet after diet in an attempt to look “perfect”, and at the end of each day we ask, “Will it ever be enough?”


Because beauty was never meant to be an endless chase of physical perfection; it was meant to be an inner focus on the heart. 

Want to know what is beautiful? Let’s start with your reaction to all those imperfections. I’ve learned over the years that my reaction reveals everything. My reaction to gaining a few pounds is determined by the status of my heart. If it is grounded in truth, my reaction will be stable and rational. If, however, my heart believes the lies of this world, my reaction will be reactive and irrational. I will begin obsessing about my weight and pretty soon be controlled by it once again. 

It’s all about the heart. 

Today I am challenging you to look at your heart in the face of your imperfections. How will you react to the number on the scale or the blemishes on your face? Will you storm and rage and sulk? Or will you accept those temporary imperfections and focus instead on the eternal truth? 

I’m choosing to accept the blemishes. And even though it seems like Mr. Giant Pimple is talking, I’m refusing to listen to the lies today. 

Verse: “I have chosen the way of truth; I have set my heart on your laws.” (Psalm 119:30)


2 thoughts on “Day Fifty-Three: Accept the Imperfections

  1. Hi Alexis-

    I found your blog through She Seeks this morning, and I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Erin, and I too have had an eating disorder and depression. It is my passion to use my life to help other women and girls who are also struggling with these issues. I haven’t found too many people who are on the same page with me, but when I read your blog, I felt like I found someone who also understands my mission. I’m not sure exactly how all of my ideas are going to come together, but I know that I need to hook up with others who are as passionate about this as I am. Right now I am living in Wichita, Ks, but I am hoping that I am going to be moving to Nashville this summer. Maybe you could shoot me an email and we could talk about some ideas together. I really think the time is right for a revoultion in this area, and that we could be a part of starting something great for God’s glory. Have a great day!


  2. Yet again. another awsome post
    I feel like that so often.
    I once even found myself writting a list of things I wish I could improve about myself. Looking over the list, I became disgusted with myself.
    So instead, I threw it away, and wrote a list of everything I like about myself. Whether it’s what people compliment me about my personality, my talents or my skin color etc.
    It auctualy made me pleased with who I am.
    It does take allot of time though, to become completely happy with who we are. But I’ve been praying that God help me with that, and He has, greatly!

    God Bless

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