Day Fifty-Seven: Work on the Inside

Beauty comes from the inside, not the outside.”  

We all know the saying. And I’m pretty sure we’ve all done the eye-rolling that goes along with the saying. It’s hard-isn’t it?-to live believing THAT when we’re surrounded by THIS. 

From an early age we learn that beauty is on the outside. Magazines, commercials, T.V. shows, and more reinforce the idea (and images). We are surrounded by so much “outside” beauty that we throw the idea of “inner” beauty out the window. 

And we chase and chase and chase physical perfection while ignoring the central issue in all of us: the heart. 

What makes a woman beautiful? I mean truly beautiful? 

Is it the color of her skin? The size of her jeans? Her weight? Her height? Her adherence to the cultural standards of today? Or is it something more? 

Something…on the inside? 

The most beautiful women I know are not found on the covers of magazines, but they hold my definition of beauty. It’s not just about their physical beauty; it’s about their hearts. It’s the fact that they love, accept, show mercy, and live self-less lives. To me, that is the ultimate picture of beauty. 

These next few days the challenges will be different. They have nothing to do with outside beauty, but they have everything to do with true beauty. 

It’s time we challenged ourselves to develop beauty in the heart. 

These are verses you probably know by heart, but I invite you to take a new look at them. Apply them this time. Think out these attributes in the context of beauty. What do they mean to you? How can you develop these characteristics? What does it look like to live these verses out? The challenge is up to you this time. You can dwell as deep or as shallow as you want, but I pray that you let these true beauty characteristics transform you from the inside out. 

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.” (Galatians 5:22-23)

Today’s attribute is love. Practice love today. Show love today. Think about what love means in your life.

Every night I’ll be posting what I learn each day and the challenges I face. You won’t want to miss these next few days… God is totally going to transform the definition of what it means “to be beautiful”


One thought on “Day Fifty-Seven: Work on the Inside

  1. This series of posts is amazing. Thank you for focusing on what beauty really is. I can honestly say that I have been so focused on my appearance that I have spent no time focusing on my true self that makes me beautiful no matter what I am wearing, how much make-up I have on or how my hair is done.

    I will continue following your posts and learning with your experiences and insight.

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