Day Sixty-Eight: Love Yourself

Sometimes I feel like the ugly duckling. 

I can imagine how that little duck felt in the pond. Useless. Insecure. Unwanted. Ugly. 

As he looked around at all the beautiful ducks in the pond, I imagine he felt alone. After all, when you’re a duck, beauty is everything. Nobody comes to the pond to watch a duck swim. A ducks role is to sit on the water and look pretty. 

Isn’t being a woman the same? 

Today’s idea of a woman begins and ends with beauty. “If you can just sit there and be pretty, everyone will like you.” “If you can just do this to look better, you will go somewhere in life.” “If you could just look like her…” 

Yeah, beauty is everything (according to this world). And like the ugly duckling, some of us get left out. 

It’s not fun being in a room full of beautiful women. It leaves you feeling unwanted, insecure, and just plain ugly. You walk away defeated, and all your plans get thrown to the wayside in light of this “disaster”. 

And yes- it does feel like a disaster. 

We all want to be told that we’re beautiful. As little girls we search for those words. Some of us grew up hearing that we are beautiful, and some of us didn’t. Some of us live each day relishing in the truth, and some of us don’t. 

I’ll admit, a lot of times I don’t. 

I don’t always believe that I’m beautiful. When I get around beautiful women, the moment I step away the tears start to fall because I’m not as beautiful as them. When I hear other people talk about how pretty another girl is, insecurity flares up and dominates my life. When I feel like there is competition, I bow out and admit defeat. 


Because I don’t think I’ll ever be beautiful; therefore, why stick around? 

I know I am not the only girl who feels like this (at lease I hope I’m not!). As I started thinking about this, I realized that God deals with us directly on this subject. He knew that we would feel like the “ugly ducklings”. He knew that we needed to hear that we are beautiful. He knew that we would search and strive our whole lives to hear those words, and He knew what a devastating affect the absence of those words could have on a young girl. 

He knows all that. 

He knows how insecure you feel in that group. He knows how you stay up at night in turmoil over a “silly” thing called beauty. He knows how your heart aches in jealousy. He knows this is how you feel, but He wants to help you move on from there. He wants to guide you toward truth. He wants to save you from insecurity and jealousy and show you a better way, a newer way. 

He wants to show you the way of love. 

Today is a day to just love yourself. Love the person God has created you to be. It may be a challenge (it is definitely one for me), but it is worth it. Don’t give into the lies that scream for your attention. Love yourself and the insecurities will fall away. Love yourself, for it’s only then that you can ever truly love someone else. 

Verse: “Know that the Lord is God. It is he who made us, and we are his.” (Psalm 100:3)


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