Day Sixty-Nine: Be Part of the Team

Beauty is not standing alone. Beauty is not being ranked number one. Beauty is not about being the “best”. 

It is all about the team. 

Have you ever watched a high school sports team? There are two kinds of teammates: the ones who work together and support one another no matter what happens and the ones who don’t. A true team will rejoice in one another’s victories while the other team is torn apart with jealousy and strive. A true team will cry over one another’s failures while the other team will rejoice in the defeat of their fellow teammates. A true team is a beautiful thing to witness; the other team just reminds us too much of real life. 

We are a team. Every girl, every woman, every lady on this earth is on the team. The question is: what kind of teammate are you? 

A true teammate doesn’t seethe in jealousy over someone else’s beauty; instead, she admires and appreciates everyone’s unique beauty. A true teammate doesn’t want her other teammates to lose; she wants them all to shine. A true teammate doesn’t constantly worried about being kicked off the team; instead, she rests secure in the knowledge that she has been chosen to be a part of this group that loves her no matter what. 

Girls, we are a team, and as fellow teammates, we need to stop comparing ourselves against one another. We need to stop competing and start resting. We need to embrace our teammates and work for the common goal: freedom. 

Today’s challenge is to play your part. Step into your role as teammate and cheer on your team. Rejoice in another’s successes. Admire another’s beauty. Appreciate your own. 

Teamwork is a beautiful thing, so let’s practice it today, with or without the gym shorts.


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