Day Seventy-One: Challenge the Culture

When I was in middle school, I wanted to be Britney Spears.

No joke.

I wanted to sing and dance for a living, walk the red carpet, and be known around the world.

But most of all, I wanted to be that beautiful celebrity whom everyone admired.

I don’t want to be Britney Spears anymore; my priorities have since changed. I do, however, still struggle with the culture of beautiful.

When I’m flipping through channels, I have a tendency to stop on the “Red Carpet Shows”. It’s like instant beauty. As I sit and watch one gorgeous girl after another walk by, I start comparing. I start wishing that I could look like her, then her, and pretty soon I hate the way I look.

That’s the culture of beauty. It’s never satisfied, never good enough, and never you. The farther you go to chase it, the farther it backs away from your grasp.

Today’s celebrity culture says that we have to reach physical perfection in order to be called beautiful. I don’t know about you, but I never have (and never will) reach that perfection.

And if I sit on that thought long enough, it just depresses me.

Here’s the truth: you really don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. You don’t have to look like you just walked down the red carpet. You don’t even have to look like that celebrity you have always admired from afar.

You just have to look like you.

I know, I know. That seems completely counter culture. It seems crazy. It seems impossible.

This culture wants to see true beauty, though. People don’t want to see perfect women walking around…they want to see REAL women who aren’t afraid to be themselves.

Slowly but surely our culture is changing. One day we will normal girls on the covers of magazines.

But until then, we must decide to challenge the culture. We must decide that our definition of beauty is going to be different. We must decide that we are going to be real and genuine.

Things will never change if we sit and adhere to the rules. Challenge the culture of beauty today, and, I promise, change will soon follow.

Let’s follow Jeremiah’s example today. His life is a great example of what it means to challenge the culture and live by the truth.

Verse: “Get yourself ready! Stand up and say to them whatever I command you. Do not be terrified by them, or I will terrify you before them. Today I have made you a fortified city, an iron pillar and a bronze wall to stand against the whole land-against the kings of Judah, its officials, its priests and the people of the land. They will fight against you but will not overcome you, for I am with you and will rescue you,” declares the Lord (Jeremiah 1:17-19).


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