Day Seventy-Four: Change How You Use Beauty


How do you use it in your day to day life? Do you build your life around it? Do you view it as just another pretty image? Do you use it as a means to gain success and recognition? 

Did you know that you can use beauty for all of the wrong reasons? 

Yeah, I didn’t either. 

Here’s the deal, though: Most women today use beauty in order to get somewhere or something in life. Beauty is never the end; it is almost always the means to the end. 

And it’s those ends that keep us tied down in the end. 

In my life, beauty was always the way I seemed to gain attention. As a little girl, I thought that being perfect and pretty would attract the attention of everyone around me. As I grew up, I clung to that belief with iron hands. I so desperately wanted to be noticed. I so desperately wanted to be seen. 

So I did what made sense in my mind… I determined to be beautiful. 

I thought that I could use beauty to gain the attention I craved. It started a vicious cycle of chasing beauty everywhere I went and ended in one big, nasty mess. My quest for attention led to my pursuit of beauty, which in the end led me straight into the arms of Ed (aka an eating disorder). 

I used beauty to be seen, yet it did nothing but hide me behind its cloak. 

Millions of girls and women around the world are using their beauty to obtain their deepest longings. Teenage girls want to be noticed, so they dress according to the latest Abercrombie ad. Preteen girls want to be noticed, so they embark on their first diet in order to fit in with the crowd. College girls want to be loved, so they chase the loose definition of beauty and give away its innocence. Career-driven women use their looks in order to climb the ladder of the corporate world. Middle-aged women use their beauty compare and compete with one another, even when that leads to ruined friendships, marriages, and lives. 

The way we use beauty changes everything. 

Maybe it’s time to change that. 

Today let beauty be beautiful. As the popular phrase says, “It is what it is.” 

Don’t make it anything more because the moment you use it for something more is the moment it ceases to be beautiful.


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