The Culture of Beautiful

The fashion industry is in an uproar these days. Between horrific photoshop sessions, model suicides, and unhappy consumers, the industry has been dealt their fair share of drama. You would think they would have gotten the message by now.

But no.

There are still images of too skinny photoshopped models released daily. There are still billboards on the highway that advocate sex, perfection, and unrealistic beauty. There are still magazines pushing the toxic image of “beautiful”into the minds of anyone who happens to be standing at the grocery store check-out line. There are still articles within those magazines encouraging unhealthy weight loss and unnecessary standards.

Ladies and gentlemen, something has got to change. We have two choices in our hands today: we can either complain about the industry and its dangers to girls and women, or we can take a stand and actually DO something about it. There are plenty of opportunities to stand up for truth in this photoshopped world, but I’ve found that not many people want to take the stand.

The truth is, they’re comfortable. This is the culture they know. Yes, it’s messed up. Yes, it can lead to quite a few disrupted lives. Yes, it feasts on falsehoods and horrible self-esteem.

But, as some people are apt to say, “it is what it is”. Beautiful today means wearing a size negative and looking like a photoshopped model in a magazine. It means accepting the rising number of girls and women developing eating disorders. It means teaching elementary school girls that they will never be enough. It means advocating diets to middle school girls and shattering the self-esteem of high school freshman.

That is the culture of beautiful today. THAT is what you are accepting by softly complaining about it in your house, yet refusing to give voice (or even action) to your opinion out in public. I’ve stressed this before, and I will stress it again: things will never change unless people stand up and start making the ground shake.

The fashion magazines will never see a need for change if their issues continue to sell as they currently are. The designers will see no need for restructure if their clothes continue to fly off the racks. The advertisers will continue to photoshop already too-thin models until they realize that the public is no longer willing to buy it anymore.

We have the power in our hands; we just have to realize it and use it.

Let’s redefine beauty. Let’s give a future to the young girls of the world. Let’s take a stand for truth. Let’s fight for the lives of those girls and women dying from eating disorders. Let’s change this culture of beautiful for the better.

There is an opportunity to take a stand today. Darryl Roberts, the director of the eye-opening film America the Beautiful, has written a letter to Ralph Lauren concerning their current advertisements that have gone “way too far”. Read the letter here and sign up to participate in the boycott on the facebook page.

We have the opportunity to change what Beautiful means today. Let’s get involved.


One thought on “The Culture of Beautiful

  1. Interesting post Miss Sommer. It’s a bit hard to drag people from TVs and cheesy magazines to books nowadays. That’s definitely part of the reason why girls today chase the “PSed model standard” so crazily like being blindfolded. They don’t think much…
    Major corporations are not really to blame. They are born to be after money. It’s the people who are easily fooled by unreal ads that need a serious reflection. Afterall, companies only put what attracts people on TV.
    I don’t really have a solution about how to change the standard. Perhaps “take a stand and DO something” = best thing for now.
    PS: 80 lbs girls do scare me away…

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