Why Can’t I Fit into My Christmas Dress?

Have you ever noticed the increase in diet and weight talk around the holidays? Everywhere you go, someone is talking about the “new” diet they will soon embark on… after the new year. Or someone else in the line next to Mrs. Diet Ready is talking about the ever-increasing size of her jeans during this holiday season. And then the cashier starts giving you a running tally of the caloric index in the Christmas cookie tin she just devoured and complains about the “pudginess of the holidays”.

Like we needed to know.

I don’t know what it is about the holidays that spurs on this kind of food/weight focus, but something triggers it. It used to bother me, this incessant talk of diet and weight.

Now it just amuses me.

It amuses me because so many people stay stuck on the “Holiday Weight, Diet, Food, etc” topic that they forget to think about the actual holiday (which would be Christmas, in case you forgot). Somehow, somewhere the definition of Christmas changed. It’s no longer about the birth of Christ; it’s all about the appearances (and future appearances).

At least that’s my perception.

And- just so you know- I’m not always immune to the “look good” holiday bug. Past Christmas’s have wreaked havoc on my mind. Instead of focusing on Christ and all He came to do, I became obsessed with looking “perfect” for the family I haven’t seen all year. Or instead of being thankful for the food on our table, I fretted over the self-imposed “off-limits” food. Or instead of enjoying the clothes I received Christmas morning, I complained about the way I looked when I actually put them on.

To sum it up, I steered off course.

And I wasn’t alone, judging from my recent encounters.

I just want to encourage you to put away the appearances this season. Christmas is not about looking better than your friends. It’s not about planning for the new and improved diet for the new year. It’s not even about the way you look in your new Christmas dress.

It’s about Christ. It’s about His birth, His sacrifice, and His love for you and me. It’s all about Him and less about you and me.

Let’s remember that as we look into the mirror this holiday season.


One thought on “Why Can’t I Fit into My Christmas Dress?

  1. Beating Ana is such a wonderful book. I very much appreciate all that is Mentor Connect!

    I completely agree with you with the holiday “fat” talk. I remember being with my aunts one year and they were gossiping about who looked like what and all their new diets while eating piles of sweets saying that their “diet” would start “tomorrow.” No one even mentioned how it was the first time in years we had all been together!

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