Everyone Deserves to Feel Beautiful

Today I am featuring a cause that has changed the way I think about people: The Help Portrait. Photographers from all around the world set aside their time on December 12th in order to give back to those in need.

And all they did was use their talents.

They took time out of their regular schedules in order to shoot free portraits of the homeless, the single parents, the sick, and the poor. They offered their gifts in order to give these people the gift of feeling beautiful, special, and loved.

This video made me think. It made me brainstorm. It made me evaluate how I am using my life. Am I glorifying God with my talents? Am I giving back to people in need using the gifts I have? Am I giving someone the chance to feel beautiful and loved?

I don’t know.

But I do know that I can start today by taking time out of my busy schedule to make someone feel loved. I’m in no way, shape, or form a photographer, but I do have talents. I can’t sit down and film a documentary to showcase the beauty of every woman and young girl I meet. {I wish I could.}

I can’t do any of those things, but I can do something.

So I will.

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, no matter who they are.

Something to Ponder: How can you use your talents to give back to someone in need?


2 thoughts on “Everyone Deserves to Feel Beautiful

  1. Wow,

    What an awesome video! I so agree with you, how can I use my talents to serve another? How can we make someone else feel beautiful and loved with the time, tallents, and gifts we have been given?

    Your sister-in- Christ,

  2. Wow, that is amazing. I often wonder if I know if I am actually using the gifts God has given to me. Or, if I know the impact of them. Every day, I go into a school, research, educational, or therapeutic type setting and say, “Today is the day I could impact a life for the positive.” Everything I do is based off of that. Thank for you for the reminder that we all have a greater purpose and can really impact the world.

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