Storm Clouds

Life is iffy sometimes.

One minute the ground underfoot seems stable and secure, and the next minute the concrete shifts to sand and everything is uncertain again. The storms come, and the storms go. The sun shines, and the clouds move in. The good is good, and the bad is bad.

And the only thing you can count on is that there will be a little bit of both in this life.

I’m in a stormy season right now. Mr. Down Below is working overtime to throw me overboard, and I’ve got to admit- he almost succeeded. He had me right where he wanted me: trapped between the planks of insecurity. The waves threatening to throw me over seem almost miniscule in comparison to the constant thundering in my head.

Lightning strikes… so many lies masked in the glory of the light.

Want to know what I’ve learned about lies recently? They are often masked in truth. The lies that really eat away at our cores are not the blatantly obvious ones. No, they are the subtle, could-be lies. The ones that say, “You’re not good enough” when you don’t measure up to the standards. The ones that scream, “It’s all your fault” when you only held one piece of the puzzle. The ones that whisper you are beyond forgiveness when you’ve messed up big time. The ones that come from good, well-meaning people.

Those are the dangerous lies. Those are the lies that destroy every secure surface we stand upon. Those are the lies that seep into our core and-if we believe them long enough- determine the type of person we become.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to become the person these lies tell me I am. I want to be the person God tells me I am. I want to believe in my heart that what God says is true- period. I want to be stable in the storm.

No matter how hard the winds blow.


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