Stability in the Unknown

There is a lot of uncertainty in the world right now. As I talk to friends and family, I’m more and more aware of the fact that there is not much assurance anymore. I’ve known people who’ve lost jobs, spouses, friends, family and themselves in the recent years. I’ve known people fearful of every minute, not knowing when their stroke of good luck will come to an end. I’ve known people who are scared to death to make a change in case it doesn’t work out. I’ve known, I’ve seen and I’ve heard about the troubles and uncertainties of life, and I’ve experienced them too.

I don’t know about you, but as soon as I start feeling as though something in my life is about to get a little unstable, fear instantly strikes. My mind conjures up more instability. My thoughts portray a future that will never again be bright. I stop trusting in the things I know God can do and take the matter into my own hands.

If you’ve ever tried to “fix” things,  you’ll know it doesn’t exactly work out. I can honestly say that every time I turned to myself for the solution, things haven’t ended so well. I usually just end up making a big mess of things and regret trying to solve the problem in the first place. It’s a lose-lose situation, really.

When I finally turn around and give the situation to God, things always work out. And I mean always. I am never let down because God can do miraculous things out of some awful situations. Me? I can just make an awful situation somewhat bearable.

So why – after learning this lesson time and time again – do I keep trying to be Mrs. Fix-It? My track record is by far in need of some improvement. I can’t even think of the last time one of my plans was even mildly successful. And yet… I still try to come up with the solutions on my own.

Stupid, really.

Let this be a reminder to all of us that God is in control. He’s pretty big; I’m sure He can handle things all by himself. And – to be perfectly honest – I feel better just knowing that He is personally involved in the situation. My situation. Your situation. Every-single-life-that-is-now-living’s situation. I know this sounds corny, but He’s got it all in His hands (enter overused – but true – Sunday school song).

Sometimes we just need to rest in the knowledge that He is God and nothing gets pass Him. His eyes see what you are going through. His ears hear what is going on around you. His heart feels what yours is feeling right this second. His hand will intervene. And always, no matter what the outcome is, it will be for the better because it’s all in His plan.

Now that, to me, is what I can call stability. He is unchanging, all-knowing and forever loving. What kind of earthly stability would ever be able to give you all that?

As far as I know and have seen, nothing compares.


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