Hi. I’m Alexis. I started this blog a few years ago as an effort to help those with eating disorders (or any image issue, really) see their true beauty. As time has progressed, it has evolved into so much more. My passion is still to see girls and women (and men) set free from eating disorders, but I’ve developed a new passion along the way: to live transparently and encourage others to live the same.

God has rescued me from a life of desperation, and I know He can do the same for anyone who is willing. So my mission is solely this: to tell you how much God loves you for the unique and beautiful person that you are. So yes – I will discuss eating disorders. I will share my story with you. I will tell you how God continues to transform my life for the better. This blog is like my life – random but somehow it all makes sense in the big picture of things.

Feel free to share your thoughts, prayer needs or comments as we’re all in this together and can always learn from each other.

~ Alexis

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